Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The New House

So sorry for the delay. I know most of you expected this the day after I moved it but we had some technical difficulties. First the internet was not working and took a while to get it running fast. Then I broke my camera I have had for 3 months. I am pathetic. It is now working at 80%.

So our house is single story 1900 square feet 4 bedroom/2 bath. I LOVE IT!!

Living Room
Living Room (2)

The beautiful kitchen with the island Jeremy made for me.

We finally have a dining room

Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Guest Room
Craft Closet

Guest Bathroom
Man Room
I love my Laundry Room

P.S. Now this website is being dumb so you will get about half the pictures. Guess you will just have to come in person. Nursery and Family not pictured.

Friday, July 16, 2010


So over the 4th of July we took a little vacation to see some old friends and hang out at their beach house!!! Let me tell you, it was sooooo nice just to hang out with no real agenda. The humidity and bugs were the only down fall but the beach made it worth the while. BTW, so much better than California beaches. Oh to be there right now, on the beach house deck, listening to my music and watching the clouds roll by.

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday so I told told our friends, they had a lot to live up to. This 4th was by far the best yet. In Texas, fireworks are legal. Our friends knew someone who sold fireworks so needless to say, we had a boat load. We took them down to the beach and it was awesome to be so close and watch the dozens of firework shows along the beach.


Here are some other pictures from our wonderful summer get away.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A little something

So tonight I went to get some highlights and a hair cut. A little off here and then and it turned into this . . .

Its fun and different, though I am not use to bangs.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well I am not so good at this blogging thing as it was pointed out to me last night that I haven't posted since May 9th. I guess I just haven't had anything exciting to post =(.

Since my birthday is on a Monday we celebrated my birthday yesterday. The afternoon started out great with a BBQ with lots of fun people who I love very much. I just wish we had a bigger house to entertain. I don't know if we could have fit one more person in this house. We had some yummy hamburgers, chips, and lots of watermelon. Oh and I can't forget the yummy cupcakes, and yes I ate one for breakfast =).

So then as we headed over to SunSplash, which I had been looking forward to for a long time was a bust from the beginning. We go there about 7 and the line was huge!!! Who would have thought? Then as was are going in there are the most security guards ever!!! At SunSplash, really? They even took my friends gum. What are we going to do with gum? So we fund a spot to hang out at and within 5 minutes there is a huge fight. Again, really at SunSplash? It ended up being super cold. Its the middle of June in Arizona and we are cold? Then some lady hurt her self going down a slide and some slides were closed for an hour. (Jeremy renamed the slide "The Neck Breaker".) We tried going to the wave pool but there was a line. I didn't realize there was a limit to people for a big pool. Jeremy and I did go on the half pike which was fun but pretty scary. I thought I was going to fly off the back. Next, over the loud speaker, "If you are hanging out by the lockers, please leave or go swimming. WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS." I felt like we were in Compton or something. Some more friend tried coming but they wouldn't let them in because one of them was wearing jeans. The final straw was the leap frog. I thought it would be fun for Jeremy and I to race and pretend we were on Wipe Out or something but only one lane was one. That lane happened to have low ropes for kids. Well I am not that short and don't have the best balance so as I was going across I ended up with the rope under my armpits and have a nice rope burn. I was done after that and we decided to go to Denny's. We are about to take a turn for the worse. . .

So to begin this part of the story, you have to know a little background. Our Xterra's gas gage broke about 300 miles past the warranty. Without the warranty, it would cost $500 to fix. Yeah right!! Jeremy read up on in and saw there was a mass problem. Hoping Nissan would recall it we waited. Finally a few months after the recall came. Nice right, NOT!! Our car happens to be in a 3 month lists of Xterras that don't qualify. I don't get it. We would have to pay to get it diagnosed and fixed and maybe they would refund us. Normally I would have more a a fight in me to get this taken care of but not so much lately. We have just been filling up the car and going no more that 320 mile before filling up again. We somehow since Jeremy has taken over the Xterra, this is the 2nd time he has ran out of gas. I don't understand. I just don't think he pays as much attention as I do. So back to the story last night. We are driving to Denny's and the power steering went out, meaning we are out of gas. We pull over and park the car in a parking lot. Thankful my friend Jess was with us. Jess made this a lot more entertaining for me. We have had other "adventures" where nothing is going right that we just have to last at how ridiculous the night is getting. So 11pm we are walking down Rural, decided to still stop at Denny's along the way and then go get ourselves a gallon of gas. By the time we got home it was 1am. Boy was a happy to be home!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


So I am a little jaded right now. It is only May 9th and this year has been full one disappointment after another. First with work, cutting back on everything, meaning no job openings for a very long time. Second, the miscarriage. Third, thought we had a slam on a house, then its a no go. (Got to love people not adding on to their home the correct way.) Right now I just need a little bit of good news if you know what I mean. I am trying to be positive. I know this is all happening for a reason, but a person can only take so much disappointed in a short time. Hopefully Jeremy gets a second interview and then gets the job.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Secret Website

So here is my secret website I have been hiding. I even hid it from Jeremy for months until he saw me working on it one day. I don't always know if people are going to like my pictures but people have been asking so I started a photography website. Right now its just AbbyLynne Photography, but I really want a creative name so if you have an idea (keep it clean Jess) I'm open for ideas.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finally . . . a New House

So after 21 contracts and looking at over 100 houses we finally have one that is ours!!! On Wednesday we hear from our realtor that the house we really wanted out in Laveen was ours if we wanted it. When I heard this, I wasn't excited like I thought I would be. Since we had been looking out in the east valley and we hadn't heard about all the other contracts I was in a delima. Then to make matters worse there was a new house on the market to choose from, but this one was not a foreclosure or a short sale. Hopefully we might have a shot of getting something done fast and not wait on the bank who takes FOREVER!!! After talking things over with our realtor we went to go look at this house. When we went in, it was perfect. A 4bed/2 bath one story house, totally remodeled with granite countertops, travertine floors, and a pool at Gilbert and Baseline. Since it was a regular sale we were able to put in an offer in the morning and find out if it was ours by 5pm that night. We are so excited about this house you have no idea!!! Now we just pray that everything goes fine with the financing and inspection. If not, I will be so disappointed, I don't think I can take another one right now.

Here is a link to our new home!!!